Sky is the limit


Wherever your learning takes place, Blackboard provides the tools that elevate education for all.

We believe that learning should be available to access anywhere, at any time, and offer learners the best possible experience. And we are passionate about the way technology can enable that across universities, school classrooms, professional training and public sector environments.

Blackboard is the market leader.
70% of the universities in the USA use Blackboard.
80% of the universities in the UK use Blackboard.
Almost 100% of the universities in Netherlands use Blackboard.


We offer interactive electronic textbooks that help students and teachers improve the effectiveness of education. They are the most intriguing, adaptive and personalized solutions in the world, which are specifically designed for new digital technologies of the famous publishing house McGraw-Hill Education.

We offer the world's leading software for foreign language education “Rosetta Stone”, which makes the learning of new languages easy and refreshing. Millions of learners in more than 150 countries are already using this software to gain the confidence that comes with the actual learning of the new language.


In the field of intelligent business systems we offer the following services:
• Analysis of business processes
• Implementation of integrated business management systems
• Development of new applications
• System integration with external applications
• Training
• Support
• Infrastructure provision

We offer reliable business management solutions of high class, belonging to the family of ERP solutions developed by the software giant Oracle. Whether you need an integrated comprehensive package or individual modules, we deliver cloud and locally installed ERP solutions designed for both the largest organizations and the growing medium.
Our ERP systems are a powerful tool for improving the quality and effectiveness of business and include the following modules:
• Financial Accounting
• Accounting Management
• Project Management
• Supply Management
• Human Resources Management
• Production
• Management of customer relations
• Information services

We offer the most complete and optimized system in the world for managing customer relationships (CRM) - the system of Oracle. From accelerated sales automation to social business intelligence, we provide you with the broadest and deepest portfolio of CRM solutions. The system automates and integrates the functions of sales, marketing and support, and ensures that all sales channels are aligned in accordance with your corporate goals.

Software solutions

We design, develop and implement flexible, customized software systems and complete IT solutions to meet the needs of our clients from different industries and sectors.

Funding from EU

We advise you in the preparation and management of projects for grant funding under the Operative Programs and other funding instruments to the European Union.

Our services include:
• Individual pre-project counseling – guiding the clients about the possibilities and requirements for applying for the various programs of the European Union
• Preparation of complete project documentation - from concept to delivery of the project
• Preparation of a SWOT analysis of the investment project
• Protection of the project in front of funding institutions • Project management until the stage of final funding - support for implementation, monitoring and reporting of projects
• Preparation of tender documents.