Blackboard Е-learning training in Bulgaria

The event was dedicated to E-learning in Bulgaria and took place on 4th-6th September 2015 in Golden Sands, Bulgaria. Hotel Admiral and hotel Morsko Oko Garden were our hosts.



The goal of the event was to provide the participants with relevant information about the unlimited possibilities of Blackboard, as well as to unite the Blackboard community in Bulgaria.

Over 50 guests attended the event, representatives of some of the most renowned Bulgarian universities.

Some of the topics: Challenges, problems and good practices using Blackboard solutions; E-content development; Evaluation of education and improvement of communication.

The presenters were taken by our Product Manager of Blackboard – Hristo Mindevski, Sales Director – Vesselin Petkov, educational experts Hristina Kostadinova and Teodora Lazarova and functional expert Mila Dobreva. They are all part of the Ballistic Cell team, official representative of Blackboard in Bulgaria.

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