Interactive electronic textbooks

Ballistic Cell offers interactive electronic textbooks that help students and teachers improve the effectiveness of education. They are the most intriguing, adaptive and personalized solutions in the world, which are specifically designed for new digital technologies of the famous publishing house McGraw-Hill Education.

Electronic Language Courses

We offer the world's leading software for foreign language education “Rosetta Stone”, which makes the learning of new languages ​​easy and refreshing. Millions of learners in more than 150 countries are already using this software to gain the confidence that comes with the actual learning of the new language.
The idea of the electronic language courses underlies a very simple maxim: the learning of a language should be fun, easy and effective. The basic approach used in the electronic language courses is the same, in which young children learn their native language - using a natural method, directly, without translation. This means that you do not need to learn grammar definitions or know by heart confusing or mind-boggling lists of new words.
Instead of memorizing rules, you will find patterns. Instead of learning by repetition, with our courses you will intuitively and consistently reach the right answers. Active learning will help you keep your newly acquired language skills and before you know it, you will not just talk, but you will also be able to think on the newly acquired language. You can learn on your own schedule, with your own pace.

Learn and practice while on the move and track your progress through a variety of electronic devices. Our mobile apps, which are available for IPAD ®, iPhone ®, and Android ™, tablets and smart phones, will further facilitate your learning experience.


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