Only Oracle offers the most complete and integrated financial management solutions for finance operations, governance, risk and compliance, and performance managment. These market-leading solutions enable you to:

• Drive Efficiencies: Meet all of your fiduciary and statutory requirements more efficiently
• Manage Risk: Effectively manage risk across the global enterprise
• Drive Sustainable Growth: Manage business performance and social responsibilities in a sustainable manner

Production Scheduling


Integrate and Streamline Your Manufacturing Processes

Oracle Production Scheduling, designed for schedulers by schedulers, enables you to take control of your production scheduling problem, and helps you to maximize shop floor throughput while optimizing resource investment. You can optimize the usage of your critical resources, calculate realistic and feasible schedules that the shop floor can execute, and easily determine the schedule that best meets your objectives. In addition, you can leverage the out-of-the-box integration with the Oracle E-Business Suite (discrete, process, and lot-based manufacturing) to implement quickly and obtain immediate value.

Oracle Production Scheduling is part of the Oracle E-Business Manufacturing Suite and integrates with Oracle Manufacturing applications including Discrete Manufacturing , Process Manufacturing, and Shop Floor Management.

Order Management


Oracle Order Management drives the order fulfillment process of any business. The open, workflow based architecture supports tailored, automated fulfillment processes without customization. It captures multi-channel demand from sources including EDI, XML, telesales or web storefronts. As part of a complete order to cash solution it enables global order promising and is integrated to transportation management.

Warehouse management


 You need a warehouse management system that

  • improves your efficiency
  • eliminates mistakes
  • is the right size for each of your facilities
  • allows you to respond rapidly to business changes
  • works with your other logistics applications and
  • gives you full visibility so that you can measure and improve your key metrics

Oracle has a proven solution to fit your needs. Oracle's Warehouse Management applications work with your other logistics applications. The same base system can contract or expand so that it's simple enough for a terminal or sophisticated enough for your biggest distribution center. Oracle'€™s flexibility allows you to quickly add operations for new business initiatives like omni-channel fulfillment. And Oracle'€™s award winning analytics allow you see everything about your operations so that you can focus on the metrics that matter.


Supply Chain Management


Companies are looking to gain sustainable advantage and drive innovation by transforming their traditional supply chains into integrated value chains.

Peoplesoft Campus Solutions

  • PeopleSoft Campus solution is a comprehensive suite of software specially designed for the changing needs of higher education institutions. The adaptive system that can implement in different-sized schools - small, private universities, public institutions, research centers and universities with large international subsidiaries worldwide.
  • It is believed to be the best product to handle the student administration and Alumni development system.
  • It is the only administrative suite available and mostly preferable that provides students, alumni, faculty and staff with immediate access to real time information.
  • It take cares of all aspects from student admission till his academic completion and keep record of each and every piece of data in the database.
  • Students are able to see Alumni activities and they can communicate directly to their professors and the administration regarding any queries like tuition fees, career activities, etc.
  • Students can pay and see the tuition fees assigned to them. Along with that they can see assignment’s details, course details, department details, where they are mapped.
  • The system provides the full range of functions for administration of students and staff that e available today worldwide.
  • PeopleSoft Campus Solution is used in more than 1,000 educational institutions in more than 30 countries.